Cazmo down for good + More

You guys probably already know but, Planet Cazmo has been down and out for awhile now. Meaning, the servers are down, and there is no way to play the game anymore. If you have been keeping track of Planet Cazmo’s twitter aswell, Big Dawg was saying how even at Planet Cazmo’s peak, they were still making a loss. (Thanks Rare for actually getting that out of him).

I’m sure we all have fond memories of Cazmo. It taught me to blog, taught me to work hard to accomplish goals. Such as the pcap, and once I joined, the friends I acquired have made me even more determined to be a blogger.

Here’s what I know about Cazmo at the moment. Planet Cazmo is forever down, and will never be up again. Lots of the PCAP are still active, and I believe Controller (pcap52 on twitter) may be planning a reunion on another virtual world. (Perhaps Little Space Heroes). I am still in contact with Mike, HeyHeyHey, Controller, Rare, NBA Jatt, Red Penguin12, Twinkles (she has a twitter, and I probably have her email) and some other pcap.

The reason that I have not told you cazmo’s/viewers earlier, is because my account was suspended due to thegamespot. But got released today.

 If you want to know about me, I still actively blog. But for another game, Little Space Heroes. I own a pretty decent blog ( where the moderators actually talk to me, on a daily basis.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading through what I had to say.

~Retired Silver Ambassador Puremana~

Official Goodbye

Hey Cazmo’s,

It may come to no surprise to you, but Cazmo has pretty much shut down.

Thanks closey for that picture.

That pretty much speaks for itself…

Planet Cazmo is still shut down by hackers…

I would to give a shout out to all the Cazmos who tried anyway, and made the game awesome from the beginning… A shoutout to Jeff and T0m3y for making the game fun to play, and moderating the planet.

Sneaky Ninja was an awesome person to blog with. Challenging me, and overall just helping me become a better blogger.

HeyHeyHey, Soccer, BetaOmer, Lil Blue, Tape and Russia… Giving me determination to blog, and looking up to them for advice.

Twinkles, 100 vs 0 and RolfroPC for actually telling me how to blog, and getting me to where I am today. (Love ya Twinkles :D)

And all the other Ambassadors for cheering me on and being there for me.

If you need to contact me, here’s my Little Space Heroes Blog:

I hope you viewers have experienced the same as I have, through Planet Cazmo… And I wish you goodluck for the future.

Planet Cazmo Money has officially shut down until further notice.

~Retired Silver Ambassador Puremana~

Apply to be an Author

Hey Cazmo’s!

After all my years of blogging on here, I think I should finally hire some authors before cazmo ends. If you would like to be an author on this blog, simply comment the answer to these questions.

1 – What is your Cazmo’s name?
2 – Do you own a blog or work for one? If so, what is your blog’s URL?
3 – What is your REAL current age?
4 – When are you usually available during these days?
5 – Why do you want to become an author at PlanetCazmoMoney?
6 – What is your email address?
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~Silver Ambassador Puremana~

Cazmo is Back up – Cazmo of the Week

Hey Cazmos!

After a long week of having no Cazmo to come on to, it’s finally back up!

In other news, my hopes of creating a Cazmo of the Week image were let down as the Cazmo of the week seems to not have an image of a Cazmo.

Congratulations Tyler86! And thanks Moderator Jeff for fixing Cazmo.

Also, the Planet Cazmo twitter has finally replied to one of the bloggers.

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~Silver Ambassador Puremana~

Graphics making – Can’t log on

Hey Cazmo’s!

I can’t log into Planet Cazmo at the moment so I can’t post the new Cazmo of the week.

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~Silver Ambassador Puremana~

I’ll make Graphics

Hey Cazmo’s,

Since there is nothing really to post on my blog, and I might be quitting soon… I’ve come up with an idea. If you are a Cazmo, or a Planet Cazmo blogger… I will make graphics for you. This includes, headers… Cazmo-Twitter icons… transparent background images of your Cazmo… and etc.

This service is completely free.

Uhh, So I guess just comment on this post on what you want made… and provide me with the raw image please. (For example if you want your Cazmo with a transparent background, look at your cazmo player card and take off the background, so it is purple. Then take a screenshot and give me a link to your screenshot.)

All graphics will be made into .png

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~Silver Ambassador Puremana~